Taking a selfie in the Sears bathroom, because that’s a thing normal people do

Hi!  This is a blog about malls.  I don’t have the skills or equipment or the nerve to film in public required to make dead mall videos, so a blog is the best I can do. 

I first became interested in dead malls and malls in general around 2004-ish, when the browser extension StumbleUpon (remember that?) sent me to DeadMalls.com and down the rabbit hole that is the Dixie Square Mall.  I wrote the DeadMalls.com article about the Station Mall around this time (it’s mostly accurate up to that point lol).  I started photographing malls in 2008, which was the same year I joined Flickr.  I joined Instagram a couple of years after that, but I didn’t start posting mall content regularly until 2021 or so. 

This blog is mostly here because I like to research and write, and I thought someone else might find this stuff interesting.  I have degrees in writing and library science, and this blog will probably be as close as I ever come to becoming the archivist I wanted to be when I grew up.  😛

My fiancée Brandon, my driver and co-explorer 😛

About photos: Any newspaper photos or other copyrighted materials are presented here for educational purposes and covered under free use.  I have attempted to credit photographers or sources for photos found online.  If I have inadvertently used your photo or other materials here, please contact me so I can either credit you or remove it.

I have had my own writings and photographs (not mall stuff) stolen and even published without credit multiple times in the past, so I know how shitty it is.  That said, please do not post my content elsewhere online without either asking beforehand or linking to this blog or my social media.  Thanks!!

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