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This is my attempt at making a mall blog.  I have been on Flickr for ages and on Instagram for a couple of years, but I like to write and this seems like as good of a time to try to write something mall-related than any.

I was born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s, decades when the shopping mall reigned supreme.  However, I have always loved the design of older malls the most.  When I first became seriously interested in malls and their history in the early 2000s, malls were still pretty ubiquitous and mostly still doing pretty okay.  At that time, my most pressing concern was the ever-present threat of renovation, the old fountains and planters and other cool elements being steadily ripped out and replaced by nothing but miles of beige.  

These days, the general mission of the mall community seems to be to visit and document as they are now in order to preserve their memory before they’re gone for good. The rate at which these properties are closing is rapidly increasing.  Sometimes when I set foot in one of these malls, I wonder if this visit will wind up being my last.  

I plan to use this blog to post writeups on the malls I have visited and researched over the years, primarily in the “T” of Pennsylvania, aka Pennsyltucky.  😛 I am also in the process of making a great big project about my favorite mall developer, Crown American, and will eventually post up comprehensive-ish information on all of their malls.  I am also kind of trying to re-learn WordPress, which I have never been great with, so if this website looks terrible, that’s why.  I miss my pirated copy of Dreamweaver 4. 🙁

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